When you think of gaming food, you usually picture pizza rolls, Cheetos and Mountain Dew (that was our version of Monster all you post 1995 gamers). We have scoured the internet looking for the craziest, most delightful, most creative and most realistic GamerSnacks around and these are the 7 Nerdiest Gaming Foods that we have found!

These gamers leveled up with their amazing snacks!

1. Shots, Shots, Shot-shot-shot Shots!

I can’t think of a better way to play an FPS than drunk as a skunk. It’s like pool – the more I drink the better I get…

See all of the geeky drinks at oddee.com


2. Wait, is that cake?DK Cake

No, seriously, I can eat that?

The good folks over at Posh Entertainment have developed a multi-tier cake that you can actually PLAY via a projection system. So, I guess now we can play with our food?

Check it out for yourself at Posh DJ’s or by clicking here.


3. Bento Box Yumzelda-bento-box Sonic-Themed-Bento-Lunch-Box Bento Box





Check out these and other great meal ideas by visiting Smosh.com and walyou.com.

4. The cake is not a lie!

I wonder what GLaD0S would think of us stopping to eat cake?

I wonder what GLaD0S would think of us stopping to eat cake?

Check out Cake Central for more hilarious cakes!

5. Health Drinks

Health and Mana


For a quick and easy power-up when you leave your potions at home!



6. Creepers



Rice Krispies!

Rice Krispies!

Cake Pops!!

Cake Pops!!


Plot twist: These are creepers that I chase!

7. Edible Art

Ha, I wish I was getting paid by skittles for the free advertising...

Ha, I wish I was getting paid by skittles for the free advertising…

Perfectly pixelated characters!

But why not have them all via your very own Power Up Station!


Power Station


This mom FTW!



Jack Burt0n ain't got nothin on me!

Jack Burt0n ain’t got nothin on me!


    by Kelley A.
    January 15, 2015

Thirty and Thriving: 14 Reasons to Celebrate Retro Gaming


The Godfather. Yoda. Short Round. Alfred. Gandalf.


All great stories have them – Some are the beginning of an epic tale, others are the mentor and friend that we didn’t know we needed, some are the wise old man saying, “I told you so” while drinking whiskey and reminiscing about days gone by.

Then sometimes, once in a great while, a revolution happens. It becomes a movement that revives an ideal we thought was gone. It paves the way for greatness and gives the people hope for a new thinking. It is the grandfather we hear about during graduation celebrations and locker room speeches. It is the misquoted inspiration of your favorite Instagram photos.


The Nintendo Entertainment System.

Mana of our forefathers

Mana of our forefathers

In honor of the NES celebrating its 30th anniversary of North American release this coming July, we here at NerdCorps have come up with the 14 games still thriving as their 30th birthday looms on the horizon.

Without further ado, 14 reasons to celebrate Retro-Gaming:

 14. Wrecking Crew: Mario has fallen on hard times (I mean, who wants to hire a plumber who thinks a princess is trapped at the end of your pipes? Something is trapped, but it certainly ain’t a princess…) and takes a side job as a demolitions expert. Shit gets blown up. Hammers are thrown. Also, snakes.


Wild Gunman


  13. Wild Gunman: Who needs a shooting range when you have 8-bit zapper games? A delightfully racist way (think Speedy Gonzalez) to improve your quick draw skills.




12. Gyromite: Your very own Robotic Operating Buddy, or R.O.B. for short, plays beside you and makes moves based on your moves and visual cues on the screen. Johnny 5’s predecessors may very well have been the R.O.B.’s who helped Professor Hector and Professor Vector navigate the sleep-walking, 8-bit bird-creature world of ladders and platforms. I know what you’re thinking – 80’s robots are creepy. I get it, I really do. But this little dude is interacting with you and the game in a way we didn’t see again for another 25 years with the release of the Kinect…





*It must be noted that this game will not work without the R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy).




11. Dig Dug: Our hero, Dig Dug (presumably named so because of his affinity towards displacing dirt and other materials below ground level… aim high Dug, aim high) likes to dig. Poor Dug seemed unaware of the dangers lurking in his (or more likely, his parents) backyard. That Dug though, he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. Adventure through the mud and sediment with Dug and together you can inflate/blow up the goggle-wearing tomatoes, “Pookas” and fire-breathing dragons, “Fygars.” Daenerys would be so disappointed…

10. 10 Yard Fight: Sunday football in HD on your 60-inch TV not getting you close enough to the action? Why not be the action in 10 Yard Fight?!? You play quarterback, or a linebacker on defense, or a kicker, depending on what is happening in the game. Only, you’re more like the bird above the player who magically controls his/her actions… Hilarity ensues.

9. Clu Clu Land: So there’s this fish, named Bubbles, and she has to find gold. Purpose of what Bubbles plans to do with the gold still unclear… Some evil urchins don’t want Bubbles to find the gold, so she hits them with sound waves.CluClu


Now that’s unfair. I don’t know that the urchins are evil. Presumably keeping Bubbles from the gold she so desperately needs is an evil thing, but for all I know, Bubbles is a gold-digging fish trying to break up the happy union of Mr. and Mrs. Urchin. Or a thief. Regardless of intentions, your goal (as Bubbles) is to uncover the gold. Just try not to think about the urchin lives you have ruined in your greedy quest for gold…


8. Donkey Kong Jr. Math: Donkey Kong is trying hard to help his son learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. (Indirectly he’s also teaching critical thinking, problem solving and algebra without those pesky “word problems,” but let’s stick to the obvious for our current discussion.) Someone probably should let Mr. Kong know that a death pit is not critical to learning basic math skills…

7. Kung Fu: Walking down the street, attacking every person you meet. Some of them are armed, some I’m not even sure were out to fight, but casualties of war and all… I’m no martial arts expert, so I can’t precisely say whether what is happening is actual Kung Fu (which, as I understand it, refers to any skill achieved through hard work, patience and practice…) or is just 8-bit fighting with robes and belts, but the point is you get to walk down the street and beat people up.

Mach Rider

8-bit version does not look like this…


  6. Mach Rider: The game opens with the message, “In the year 2112, the earth has been invaded by evil forces.” Well, right there I am IN! This game has everything I need! Futuristic, motorcycle riding evil forces? Check. Machine gun equipped Motorcycle? Check. Great catch phrase to utter while shooting bad guys? “I AM Mach Rider!” Check. Saving the world? Check. Just watch out for all the spilled oil on the road… or are those dead evil forces? Whatever, just try to avoid them…



5. Ice Climber: A giant Pterodactyl-like bird has committed some unspoken atrocity upon two children (Popo and Nana). Being the worldly and fully matured folks that they are, they decide to climb the mountains and seek revenge with naught but their good sense, wits and a hammer. Oh, and there are Topis and Nitpickers and polar bears that show up too. Just watch out for icicles!

4. Hogan’s Alley: When you get tired of using the R.O.B. accessory, switch to the infamous Zapper Gun and try your hand at shooting “gangsters”. Just be sure that you don’t miss and shoot the “innocent bystanders.” I don’t know what the back story is here, but they don’t seem very innocent to me…

3. Excite Bike: Why buya dirt bike when you can have such realistic game play here? From the mud puddles that very kindly only stay in their lane to the “zoom” patches that give you a boost to get up the hill, this is like real dirt bike racing! But in all seriousness, the gameplay is good, the crashes are funny and you can design your own courses! Plus, it’s nice to know the references in MarioKart 8…

2. Duck Hunt: Oh Duck Hunt, where do I begin??? Not only is it Duck Season, but there is an adorable dog who loves you unconditionally and retrieves your ducks! Ignore the haters, that laughing is his dog way of blowing you kisses…


And of course, our number one pick of the Rapidly-Approaching-Age-30 NES games is….

 Super Mario Bros

1. Super Mario Brothers! Was there ever a doubt?





So there you have it. What did we leave out? What were your favorite Nintendo Games? Ready to celebrate 30 years of Nintendo?




  by Kelley A.

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Have you ever reminisced back to your childhood (or college) days and thought to yourself, “Man, I sure do remember playing (insert nostalgic game here) for hours and hours!” Or maybe you might be trying to think of that song you just got stuck in your head from a game you used to play back in the day.  Well, if there’s anything you’re ever looking for, we definitely take special requests.

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Special Requests

Got some RARE things on sale, Stranger!

capn-americaThe Fourth of July falls on Thursday this year, and as such, makes this a 3-day + 1 work week for most 9-5’ers in America.  That sucks.  We can definitely feel it around the office here, but it’s not bringing our spirits down.  Later this week, we’ll have a most-excellent podcast, hopefully with a very special guest that we’re efforting currently.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve taken my advice and played The Last of Us, and if you haven’t, shame on you.

Of course, you could also always spend your 4th of July playing awesome Patriotic old-school games like Captain America & The Avengers, Call of Duty (any of them), Bad Dudes, or Fantavision!

I think I’ll have to bust out some Contra just to make sure I get my fill of firepower without the chance of bodily harm via explosives.

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So we’ve got a bit of a confession to make.  Kevin’s been out of town for a few weeks and Tommy’s been pretty swamped himself lately, and as such, we haven’t had a podcast since our last one just before E3.

Well, we’re sorry that we haven’t had a new episode since then, but next week should correct that.  We’re working on getting a guest for next week and we’ll have a nice little E3 wrap-up from everything we’ve seen from the show and heard from various outlets that actually got to go.

Also, I know I mentioned it in the last post, but The Last of Us is pretty amazing.  We’ve got a few of Naughty Dog’s earlier games up on our shop, so feel free to check some of them out!

4th of July!

4th of July!

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Now, it’s back to trying to beat The Last of Us…